"Mirror Mirror"

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lyn-guava lyn-handlebars lyn-hostel-campeche lyn-in-bed lyn-in-condo
Guavas on the Big Island of Hawaii. Would move to Hilo if I could swing it. My handlebar setup on the Crusoe: very stable and comfortable for touring and tooling around. Hostel in the walled city of Campeche. Read about it:www.bikefriday.com/bf/galfromdownunder-mexico2004 This is about as racy as it gets, sorry. At home in Eugene, OR
lyn-kroberts-bandon lyn-leaving-bf1 lyn-leaving-bf2 lyn-liggett lyn-on-dune
Looking every bit the ad for Burley, Giro and Oakley in Bandon with BF champion referrer and bicycle activist in SF, Katherine Roberts. End of another day at Bike Friday. The employee's entrance. The directionally-challenged Galfromdownunder says ... ahh .. how do I get home from Bike Friday again? Lunching with Liggett, Famous English Voice of the Tour de France, 2001, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia. This is where turgid poetry begins - atop a dune in inclement weather on the Oregon Coast.
lyn-palenque lyn-propetite8 lyn-riding-RI lyn-rose-bay lyn-sahalie-falls
Main temple, Palenque It weighs around 19lbs with a Shimano 105/Capreo setup. As light at 15lbs if you want to lighten your purse.... Riding my Crusoe touring bike with the Bike Friday Club of RI, September 2004. Ritzy Rose Bay, Sydney, 2003. Spectacular Sahalie Falls, Oregon.