Galfromdownunder's Favorites at MOMA
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My all time favorite as a child - Henri Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy. Dreamlike, as the World Book Encyclopedia Volume P put it ... If you have to ask, turn the page, young man .... Marcel Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel 1913, easily reproduced in the back of any bike shop, but worth $2 rather than $2m or whatever it could fetch now. You don't have to be the best, you just have to be first ... Jean Arp - one of my favorites. Reminds me of the kinds of things you find sitting in surgical trays... Leger's famous work.
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Lovelorn Lye Kok (Bike Friday Crusoe owner) and a Magritte painting that could well be a statement about the sorry state of human relationships. 'You don't see me,' etc One of my favorite collagists, Jean Arp. I like his art when it's not in a glass case like this, but mounted directly on the wall. A Mark Rothko. Doncha wish you were the first to do this? Brigit Riley's Current I Detail of Brigit Riley's Current 1. Can you imagine painting that? She did, before the advent of Illustrator etc. Oh my aching eyes...
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Roy Lichtenstein's Woman with Ball. One of my all time favorites! The slightly off-kilter positioning of the mouth just adds to its brilliance. Famous Warhol of course. Claes Oldernberg's Giant Soft Fan. Looks like a Giant Soft Blowfly ... Claes Oldenberg's Giant Soft Fan - love the floppy prongs... One of my favorite sculptors - Claes Oldenberg - renders 'hard' objects like giant soft toys. I prefer his white version of this giant soft fan.