Galfromdownunder in Hawaii 2006 - Big Island - Saddle Road, Thanksgiving, Nanawale, Psychic's Earthquake

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Fried breadfruit slices with honey - a cross between a donut and French toast - yummmmm! From Ann's property of course. Ann's home made solar oven - it really works! That's a home made water catchment system. See for more on Ann's 99% sustainable life. A local cyclist with gleaming disc brakes on his steed The Waiope tide pools near Kapoho, Puna - a 9 mile downhill spin from my lot near Pahoa. . Step right down into a tropical fish wonderland at the Waiope tide pools
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This was once molten magma deep beneath the earth's crust ... A piece of Pele's spittle at the Waiope tide pools. Psychic-predicted earthquake on the Big Island, Nov 2006See clip at Waiope tidepools are a snorkeler's dream. Despite rumors about Blue Loo making its way from the nearby Vacationland community to the pools in two minutes flat. Psychic-predicted earthquake on the Big Island, Nov 2006
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Psychic-predicted earthquake on the Big Island, Nov 2006. A rift opened not far from here and a horse fell 'so far in, they couldn't smell the stench from it.' - (Anecdotal) RUN! RUN FASTER! Ann sends me back to Oahu with a papaya tree and vanilla vines to plant on my lot enroute. Ann told me to tie the vanilla vine to a tree like this. I hope it works.