Galfromdownunder in Hawaii 2006 - Big Island - Saddle Road, Thanksgiving, Nanawale, Psychic's Earthquake

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A larger map of the area. I forget what the different colors mean, but the center of the Nanawale subdivision has a 'kapuka' - where new lava flowed around old, resulting in a strip of deeper soil and different vegetation. There were more trees in that Geri and her new octagonal house. Not long now! Geri's house in Nanawale ... a recipe for dreaming! Myt lot is a few blocks further down the hill. This is the Nanawale Estates subdivision. Lots of cheap lots for sale here! A giant front blesses the Bike Friday on my lot. Another map of the Nanawale Estates subdivision.
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My friend Ken gave me the idea of finding a salvage fiberglass boat on a trailer, hauling it on my land, and using it as a lockable, low-hassle hotel room. Like this. Wally and Jane Chastain sell real estate and were very kind, helping me plant my papaya tree and feeding me Jane's home made brioche! I hope he finds me another bargain ... Keeping an eye on the juice from the sun. If the top right hand figure falls below 25.5, disconnect that laptop! Dahling, it looks lovely on! Phil's birthday, with a special birthdaty suit brought by friends all the way from Alaska..
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Ann shows you how to hold it. It's surprisingly ergonomic. Not a grim leaf blower or lawn mower in sight. A scythe burns fat not fossil fuel! And zero noise pollution. Still life with chokos and a water tank. Wild raspberries of Kapoho Cooking the real way - propane is used only in dire circumstances.