Galfromdownunder in Hawaii 2006 - Big Island - Saddle Road, Thanksgiving, Nanawale, Psychic's Earthquake

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Breakfast the Papaya Farms Road way, with food from the land - augmented by a packet of rice crackers from stripmallandia. Feral pig sausage (snared in the back yard), avocado and breadfruit mash, pumpkin soup. The staples of Ann's diet. Off to my lot in Nanawale, about 6 miles from Ann's property via the muddy off-road Railroad Avenue. We're planting a breadfruit tree and some macadamia and vocado seeds. Railroad Avenue, leading from Hilo to Puna,slated to be a bike path. Cross fingers ... The trusty Bike Friday, by way of Hawaii, Mexico, Peru, East Coast, West Coast and back to Hawaii. Now sporting a Ti Brooks B17 saddle that once sat under Lon Haldeman's butt...
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Pocking Macadamia nuts. They need to be dried before attempting to shell and eat them. These macadamias are suitable for planting. Note the shoots. Must be careful not to break them in transit! After a long muddy shlep along Railroad Avenue we emerge at the back of the Nanawale subdivision and pass through some papaya plantations. Fat tires needed here! Ann checks out my lot, which you can view at's mainly native ohia and ferns, she says. Ann applies a bit of root killer to stop 'weeds' from growing. A weed to Ann, is a non-native, invasive species, no matter how pretty it looks! I guess that makes us all weeds...
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Planting using the Fukuoka method of natural farming. Meaning - fling it out and let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Go google him. The Japanese philosopher would fling seeds embedded in clay balls and allow them to germinate every which way but loos The breadfruit tree that Ann planted while I kinda looked on, city slicker that I am... The completely unmanicured entrance to my lot and that is how I intend to keep it. Not a concrete verge or gothic column in sight. Entrance to the Pahioa Road, where my lot is (at the unmanicured end). Closeup from the geologic map of the Big Island showing the lava flows. My lot is in the 1840 flow - fairly recent, hence the native trees on it - clearing woods encourages 'weeds' to grow.