Galfromdownunder in Hawaii 2006 - Big Island - Saddle Road, Thanksgiving, Nanawale, Psychic's Earthquake

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Yes I ate one of these organic chocolate power blls and got clarity ... Except for the SUV's, Pahoa has a laid back, beach shacky feel. On the road to Kapoho, with a left turn into the Nanawale Estates subdiv and my lot. Brittle Albezia trees line Kapoho road. Thank Bhudda for bicycle helmets! Amazing albezia canopy, Kapoho Road.
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Another shot of that dramatic albezia canopy. The road to Kapoho flattens out after the albezia canopy. Papaya farms line the roadside. Now paralleling the ocean, heading for the lava fields of Kapoho. The cinder piles.
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Cinder: quite a business on the aftermath of a volcanoe's sneeze! Dramatic Kapoho sky. Ahhhh, nearly there, the road becomes green and red. The non-driveway to Ann Kobsa's house Anna and Phil hard at work planting ... nice work if you can get it!