Ciclismo Classico 'Bike Across italy' 2007
Day 07: Spello to Todi

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The yoghurt was so fresh it was burping! Route wrap for Day 7: Spello to Todi. Andrea dares us to do 'The Todi Challenge' - a 14-22% hill, 3/4 of a mile. Bring a pen to mark the special spots where you have to watch out. Everyone cycles in Italy. 'There is respect for cyclists here,' says Andrea. Bevagna is a small town with a traditional paper maker.
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Entering Bevagna. Paper made from old rags using a traditional process. Andrea translates. These giant hammers driven by a water wheel pulverize the rags. Another view of those hammers and the water wheel.
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The sludge is agitated by a modern agitator. A screened frame creates a sheet of pulp that will become a sheet of paper. The sheet is laid out to dry. Sheets hung out to dry. Lentil flour cookies and melon greeted us after our paper tour.