Ciclismo Classico 'Bike Across italy' 2007
Day 06: Gubbio to Spello

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Day 6: Waking up in my cute Palazzo Ducal hotel room overlooking the roofs of the main piazza. There's a lot of white flour and sugar in Italian breakfast food, but it doesn't seem quote as processed as in the States. Getting the bikes out from the 'dungeon' - actually a nice courtyard. Waiting for the morning 'route wrap' - where the day's route is explained. Heading out of Gubbio towards Spello.
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Frank, a CC guide, joined us for a couple of days. Roman Theater. Dana and Frank make a lovely couple don't you think? Heading towards Spello via Assisi. Wendy on a CC Hybrid.
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Chris and David. Kathy, Frank and John. And a local on a Colnago of course! Frank and Dana looking formidable. Sandra was the best dressed rider - on and off the bike.