Ciclismo Classico 'Bike Across italy' 2007
Day 05: Rest day in Gubbio for La Fiesta dei Ceri

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Day 5: Rest Day in Gubbio for the annual La Festa dei Ceri, also known as La Corsa de Ceri, or 'Race of the Candles'. This is a shot from the live telecast - it was all over the teev. From the live telecast ... the saints come sprinting, tumbling, teetering in ... Another shot from the live telecast. I could not even get out of my room to get to the square, the streets were so jammed. From the live telecast ... the three saints circle the flagpole three times ... Now that's a portcullis if you ever saw one!
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With steep walking like this, no wonder the Italians live to a ripe old age... View over Gubbio. The switchbacky path up to Mt Ingino, where the race of the Ceri will head later in the day. Gubbio. Gubbio.
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Gubbio. Gubbio was engaged in wars against the surrounding towns of Umbria. One of these wars saw the miraculous intervention of its bishop, Saint Ubaldo Baldassini, who secured Gubbio an overwhelming victory (1151) and a period of prosperity. And here he is! To descend from the top of Mt Ingino where Saint Ubaldo lies in state, you can take this trippy little cable car for 4 Euro. Like a bird on a wire... The funky cable car was a real trip, like being a little songbird in a cage. I think I was whistling, as a matter of fact ...