Ciclismo Classico 'Bike Across italy' 2007
Day 04: Genga to Gubbio

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How many of us remembered to stretch each day? The cliffs opposite the caves.
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To the Batcave, Robin! You weren't suppoosed to take photos or video of the caves but I accidentally took this one. Spot the odd man out! Dana greeted us with cherry cookies. Much of the countryside we passed through looked like this.
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The pink ribbons mean the family's just had a baby girl, according to John, who'd does this trip 2 years ago. Joanne from NYC rode one of CC's hybrid bikes. In Italy, even the trio of horrors like a plastic curtain, bronze anodized aluminum doors and flocked cement somehow team together and look vaguely stylish ... The perfect place for lunch prepared by a local family - Ponte Calcara.