Ciclismo Classico 'Bike Across italy' 2007
Day 03: Urbino Genga

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Day 3 - Urbino to Genga: Our steeds loll about like horses of the same coat, waiting to be read the day's journey. A last goodbye to the divine hotel room of Albergo San Domenico, Urbino. The San Domenico buffet breakfast was stupendous - more like the Last Supper. This was one of several tables. Anyone for a chocolate filled roissant? Perhaps a plain one? The Italians are stylemasters. In a toilet I saw this push button shoe shiner that set a flurry of brushes on your toes!
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Dayna's turn to ride. She lectures us on Italian road signs. Entrance to the 365-room Palazza Ducale, or Duke's Palace, Urbino. Our cultural guide explains the impressive Palazzao Ducale, palace-museum. Photos are not allowed, but the bouncers seemed to nice to want to intervene. The 'Secret Garden' for the Duke's courtesan, as seen from one of the 365 rooms. Wonder what she did in it? View from a window in the Palazzo Ducale.
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Just a non-descript neighboring building to our hotel ... That's where we slept soundly last night - Albergo San Domenico, Urbino. Dayna offers some bike handline skills for descents and cornering. Outer leg straight, inner knee bent! Lookng good as we exit the arch of Urbino Central. The cyclist is respected in Italy, says Andrea.