Galfromdownunder in Hawaii, Winter 2005
Big Island and Maui Volcano pics

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maui04-lyn-susan-summit maui05-susan-riding maui06-volcano-model maui07-road maui08-lyn1
Susan Boatright and at the summit of Haleakala - a 37 mile descent in front of us. Maui. On the way down. It's freexzing. Relief map of Haleakala in the Visitor center. You can see Lanai in the distance. Haleakala, Maui. Yeah, it was cold. Haleakala, Maui.
maui10-lyn3 maui11-susan-road maui12-eucalyptus-stand maui13-view-from-office maui14-susan-boatright
Gotta watch those hairpins - Haleakala, Maui Susan under a moody Haleakala sky. Maui. Give me a home among the gum trees ... a stand of Aussie eucalypts. How much can a kolala bear? Haleakala, Maui. A day at the office. Maui. Susan and I celebrated our descent with a perfect slice of pizza from Casanova's, Makawao, Maui.
vol00-mirage vol01-theresa-daugher vol02-house vol03-coast vol04-mirage
Fantastic 'voggy' sunsets on the Big Island... Loaning your camera to a stranger can result in some delightful surprises ... she is the daughter of my Kapoho friend Stacey's friend from Sebastapol. Figure that out! Nothing stops you building on lava - until the next flow in x years time.... A view from the famous and very bikeable 'Red Road' (which use to be red) in Kalapana. The 'vog' or volcano fog of the Big Island creates some strange this 'false' mountain range.