Galfromdownunder in Hawaii, Winter 2005
Big Island and Maui Volcano pics

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0280-hood-orchid 0282-scale-model 0285-caldera-plain 0291-cratersroad1 0295-cratersroad2
Hawaiian hood ornamanent. Scale model of the Chain of Craters region, Puna, Big Island. I stayed in Kapoho. The Kiluea caldera - a whole lotta lava! Big downhill to the sea on the Chain of Craters Road. Chain of Craters Road.
0296-cratersroad2 0297-cratersroad3 0298-cratersroad4 0300-me-chainofcratersroad 0308-lava1
Chain of Craters road. Getting dark - view back behind me on the Chain of Craters road. The parking lot at the bottom of the Chain of Craters road. They missed a nice coast down with the warm air in your hair, but admittedly have an easier time getting back to the top ... Good grief what an outfit. Leg warmers aren't meant to go with a Hawaiian skirt - oh that's right - where, we're at the bottom of the Chain of Craters road. There are 2 kinds of lava. This is pahoehoe - smooth and ropey, and is more fluid than the more jagged 'a'a kind (yes that's what it's called).
0321-lava2 0323-lava3 maui01-susan-kitchen maui02-computer maui03-swordplant
Lava covered the road at the end of the Chain of Craters road as recently as 1997. Another view of that lava-covered road. When are you going to clear this away? many motorists ask the ranger. Not anytime soon - this is what you came to see, is the reply. The kitchen of Susan's house 10,000 Feet! Haleakala, Maui. Sword plant on Haleakala, Maui.