Bobbi's Pole Studio 2008

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Miss Pole Dance Australia, Candice - an articulate Brit babe with amazing physicality... The knee hang. A bit of pole burn initially, but you get use to it, says Candice. Sienna is being up broadminded with a sense of fun - she can already do the moves! Her teething rusk is erm, this lucite shoe with floating rubber duckies inside. Me looking decidedly demute in my Metallicus slip, and 2nd hand knit top, and my sensible, 2-inch Salsa shoes. Oh yeah, and a Netti cycling headband around my neck! This student clearly has huge potential.
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This intermediate student has been doing her homework religiously. Well, maybe not so religiously .. Bobbi's Pole Studio instructors. A well positioned leg ensures you don't land on your back. This move drew a whoop from the crowd - legs waving like a sea anenome. Those shoes must be the equivalent of ankle weights - only more interesting. It's really like watching trapeze artists with a little more spice. Bobbi's Pole Studio instructors.
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Bobbi's Pole Studio instructors. You need resilient knees! That's the SPLITS on the pole. I'm flat out doing it on the flat! The guys just gotta have a go! Bobbi, the owner of Bobbi's Pole Studio The fit'n'fabulous forty something Bobbi, owner of Bobbi's pole studio.
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The instructors strut their stuff. Good shin and ankle protection from the pole! The instructors, not advocating three button cardigans and elastic waisted pants any time soon ... I have to say, my superior sense of kitsch had me captivated by these bobbing rubber duckie shoes. Wonder if I can fit SPD cleats to them? Means I can put my foot down at traffic lights without getting off the seat!