Beach Access Hawaii Rally, 2 Feb, 2008 - see 'Hawaii' for story

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Feb 2, 2008: The Surfrider Foundation rally for better beach access began at the Honolulu State Capitol building. That's Peter Cole in the front, a local, well known surfing icon. Cynthia DeRosier (center) author of 'The Surfer Spirit' waves the banner for the Surfrider environmental organization. See Cynthia's book at http://thesurferspirit.comSurfrider Foundation "People need to understand that when they buy a beacfront property, the beach is not on the title." - Surfer Peter Cole I was given this sign to wave around, which I did for the entire day. Government signs like 'Public Right of Way to Beach' are being flagrantly taken down by landowners and replaced with illegal 'Private Access Way' signs.
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State senator for Kauai/Niihau Gary Hoozer popped by to support the cause. Note the Aloha shirt under a suit. Hooser introduced Bill 2835 which stipulates that deevelopers must adhere to permitting regulations and ensure public access is maintained. He was happy to hold the sign! Looks like no one caught that wave! A sudden deluge had rally goers running for cover under the eaves of the Capitol building - nice, warm, winter Hawaii rain! Surfrider hired a street trolley to take us around the island meeting other rallying supporters at controversial beach access sites.
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Tourists down in Wakiki wonder what the fuss is about - perhaps unaware their access to the beach will also be limited if gating zealots get their way ... The trolley met supporters over in Hawaii Kai and other areas around the windward shore. A wet and windy Honoulu day - no deterrant! In the background, a real estate sign near an access point. Will that soon be gated? That means the have nots too ... Dr Flowers must be a local landowner? It so, he's setting a good example to his neighbors ... I'll loan him some eggs anytime.
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Paused in Hawaii Kai parking lot for a restroom and a rest from chanting 'Free Beach Access' to the passing traffic. Surfrider making a stand in Hawaii Kai Charlie the trolley car driver took us all through Honolulu to Hawaii Kai and Diamond Head, tooting all the way. This supporter brought his own airbag ... Rich Figel of was a prime mover and shaker behind the rally.