Me and My Guitar on my 38th birthday, 2000
(with a little help from my friends in Costa Rica)
Photos by Arete and his Sony Cybershot
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galfromdownunder guitar
With Luis Murillo on 'One Nite Stand Dragged Out To a Year'
galfromdownunder guitar
With Marcelo Souza on 'Song for Jungle Boy'
galfromdownunder guitar
Me and 'Excess Baggage'

galfromdownunder guitar
With my dear friend Mariano and Priscilla.
Mariano died in a car accident in October 2000. He was just 24.
'Song for Mariano' is dedicated to him.

Song for Mariano
Adapted from Luka Bloom's 'The Man is Alive'
(I tried to write something more original but the melody of this beautiful song stuck in my head)

The night sometimes seems dangerous
We wonder what it hides
Sometimes t brings us tragedy
And forever changes our lives
We use to talk in open ways
That many could never understand
Who had not felt your loving touch
Or seen the greater man

I wish you were alive
Alive and breathing
It's not the way it's meant to be
I wish you were alive
Alive and breathing
I wish you were alive
with me

You were brought up in a perfect world
Where the people have no need to pray
Where not matter how they're feeling
deep inside
It's always 'Pura Vida'; which means'Have a Nice Day'
And everyone knows everyone
And yet
They hide
But you were searching for the perfect world
Where your spirit could run far and wide

I wish you were alive ....

But you're still alive
Alive and breathing
And I will fly with you again
You're still alive
Alive and breathing
You're still alive

The Galfromdownunder