Peter Melov Cooking Class, Bondi Junction, July 2008
The Galfromdownunder

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Two king size food processors are his main culinary weapons. Weapons is of course a poor choice of word for an dedicated activist of social change like Peter. The same bread mixture is used to make patties or rissoles. "This idea is to make cooking not only healthier but easier. Same base, many variations," says Peter. Peter and co-worker Gabby show us the savory balls ready to go in the oven. It'sa beautiful thing ... a live loaf studded wiith quinoa and vegetables, inside and out. The sprouted quinoa and buckwheat base can be made into savory loaves or sweet treats by the simple addition of cocoa or vegetables and other natural ingredients.
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"My family, doctors and medicos obese and unhealthy, think I'm mad." His famous to-die-healthy-for chocolate balls. "I don't care if people eat my food or not. If it takes chocolate to get them thinking about the what's going on in our sick society, I'll feed them chocolate. But GOOD chocolate." The staff of a healthier life - sprouted bread made from ancient grains - no wheat. A chocolate mousse cake in a spring form tin. Does this man look like a junk foodie? Two live chocolate coconut gateaux, decorated with bee pollen and cacao nibs. They're high in calories, though natural calories - so easy does it.
Two tone chocolate coconut gateaux of sorts. "Coconut is a stable medium chain saturated fat that the body can process, unlike other fats and oils - highly unstable flax (linseed) is the worst."