Lynette Chiang

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Ride 'em cowgal! A Tombstone showgal with Lon's Air Friday.L on tried to get this lass to drape her leg over his titanium beam but she wasn't buying ... Photo by Lon Haldeman Andrejs Ozolins, Bike Friday Week alumnus (4 years!) presides over the spectacular meal at Cafe Poca Cosa, Tucson. A different POV on that Cafe Poca Cosa platter. We had ha;f an hour to scarf it and beat it back to the hotel for the PACTOUR pow-wow. The daily board tells you how you can add more miles to you day. Oh goodie. Now if it were to suddenly come alive...
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Across the road is an amazing restaurant called Canela, which hopes this area will become the next Napa. So do we - it was the day we arrived - next time we gotta call 'em! View from the mezzanine at the Sonoita Inn, a glorified barn indeed ... Big wheelers cautiously examine the tiny Speeding tikit, which placed admirably in the Manayunk Hill Climb Sonoita Inn staff about to join our bike tour. No wonder people say "where's the rest of your bike?"
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Bobbi Kamil, Arizona Camp alumna from way back, sporting the latest stegosaurus look and my traffic cone bag! The Rose Tree is still here! The Galfromdownunder Traffic Cone Bag in action. ... Linda is speedy and happy now that she's stopped reading 68 BAR as 68 PSI ... Three gals model my Traffic Cone Bag at a rest stop.
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The famous rocky outcrop. Yeee-har! Crew Marty Hoganson doing PACTOUR's famous grilled cheese sandwiches. Healthy PACTOUR lunch - yep, the Kettle Chips are healthy for the soul... The Traffic Cone Bag modeled at a distance by Bobbi Kamil on Arizona Camp 2009.